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About Us

Our approach to health is holistic. Holistic is a broad term, but for us it is to follow the philosophy that health isn't absence of a disease, but a full potential of physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being. The consumer is empowered with available health solutions to optimize their health. Our staff is available to facilitate the process. The goal of ultimate well being is accomplished by integrating the evidence based health solutions from different medical sciences. The options are from naturopathic, medications, supplements, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic, massage therapy, herbal and other treatment solutions.

The focus is evaluation of the potential root causes of the present and long term health issues. Various types of consultative services are available in nutrition, diet modification, and stress reduction, individual and family issues.

Weight reduction program (Find My Skinny Genes) is also customized to help facilitate optimal health as a proactive approach to enhance short and long term goals.

SportSafe Genetic Test is the only full sequence genetic analysis to know your variation on ApoE, designed to help you make informed decisions on which sports and recreational activities to keep your family safe.

A happy consumer is our ultimate mission.

We strive to work with different clinicians to help integrate information from different clinicians. We believe that an informed customer is a loyal patron and an active participant in their health care decisions and hence it matches very well with our mission focus.

We, at Rochester Holistic, LLC, are proud to be a part of the evolving health care system that is best described as integrated medicine, natural remedies, holistic medicine or alternative medicine. 

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